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At HBM, our goal is to make this child sponsorship experience one that is memorable and continuous. We don’t see it as a way for someone to simply donate money with no real investment in his or her child’s life. Rather, we see it as a way for both the sponsor and the child to feel connected and special.  The program is what keeps the school functioning and gives poorer students the ability to go to school that they may not have otherwise.

Just $25 a month provides:

School tuition and supplies
School uniforms as needed
A hearty meal 5 days a week
Kitchen staff salaries


There are two different payment options. You can either set up a reoccurring donation for $25 a month at under support, you can send a check for $25 at the beginning of each month to P.O. Box 690 Porter, Texas 77365, or you can pay $300 for the entire year either online or with a check. 


Upon the decision to sponsor your child, you will receive a picture of your child, along with their handprint and a handwritten thank you note. Throughout the year you will receive 2 updates from your child. Two photos will be sent, one during the Christmas season and one at the start of your child’s school year. You and your child will also have the opportunity to correspond through three letters throughout the year.  


Twice a year you will have the option of purchasing a gift for your child, once at Christmas and once for back to school supplies. In order to help stimulate the Haitian economy, we have decided to buy many of the items in our local markets. Therefore, you will be notified before the purchasing deadline and will have the opportunity to send money online or through a check to purchase a special present for your child. 

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By committing to sponsor your child, you have committed for one year. At the end of the year we will ask if you would like to continue your sponsorship or terminate it. If any concerns or difficulties arise, contact us and we will be more than happy to work with you!

To sponsor a child please fill out the form below noting which child you'd like to sponsor (scroll below to view unsponsored students). After you've submitted the form we will email you shortly after with options and instructions on how to set up your monthly sponsorship.  If your year-long commitment is through, and you would like to continue supporting your student, simply renew your donation here, choosing "Child Sponsorship" from the drop down tab, and type your student's name into the comments box.  If you have any questions, please email our Sponsorship Coordinator, Hannah Rosario at