Sponsor an Emerging Leader


We have the great opportunity at Haiti Bible Mission to disciple and raise up world-changing leaders to spread the love of Christ throughout Haiti. Now you have the opportunity to directly affect their purpose and mission as well. All of our emerging leaders have a unique story about what brought them to Haiti Bible Mission and how God is continually working in their lives to make them the people they earnestly strive to be. By sponsoring an emerging leader, you are helping to ensure that their opportunity to succeed is at it's full potential. 

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The cost of fully sponsoring each leaders is $250/month for a minimum of one year. However, we believe that a team of sponsors should be behind each of our leaders.  Any amount towards a leader will help set them on the path of becoming a leader in their community, whether it is $25/month or $250/month.  Become an advocate for these special people today!

The cost of sponsoring a leader at HBM goes toward finishing any secondary education if applicable, biblical leadership training and salary.  Leaders below work in all areas of HBM, from pastors to teachers to construction.  Each has a special story and helps to lead in their community.  

To sponsor an emerging leader, please fill out the form noting which leader you'd like to sponsor. We will be in touch shortly with information on how to set up your monthly sponsorship. You'll also receive a biography and photos along with quarterly update directly from your sponsored leader.

Vialy Josue.JPG

Vialy Josuè

Dieufait Antoine.JPG

Dieufait Antoine

Second Grade Teacher at Te Wouj School
Magnus Lavalasse.JPG

Magnus Lavalasse

Director of Discipline for Te Wouj School

Amos Lebrun

Fourth Grade Teacher at Te Wouj School

Eldet Tine

Director of Emerging Leader Training and Church Development
Roberjeau Chery.JPG

Roberjeau Chery

Pastor of the Point Church

Marc Lapais

Pastor of Te Wouj Church
Monet Severe.JPG

Monet Severe

Preschool Teacher at Te Wouj School
Darlie Aquice.JPG

Darlie Aquice

Hospitality Team
Emause Altema.JPG

Emause Altema

Hospitality Team
Jacquelaine Tine.JPG

Jacquelaine Tine

Director of Hospitality
Grasnet Severe.JPG

Grasnet Severe

Pitou Charles.JPG

Pitou Charles

Security Team
Robince Janvier.JPG

Robince Janvier

Security Team
Carlos Alfred.JPG

Carlos Alfred

Security Team
Carl Eri Jeune.JPG

Carl Eric Jeune

Director of Projects and Outreach
Patrick Tine.JPG

Patrick Tine

Director of Security
Renous Severe.JPG

Renous Severe

Assistant Director of Haitian Operations

Pepe Rousseau

Maintenance and Security
Marie Elise Joseph.JPG

Marie Elise Joseph

First Grade Teacher at Te Wouj School
John Kely Bourdeau.JPG

John Kely Bourdeau

Director of Te Wouj School
Jossaint Jeune.JPG

Joissaint Jeune

Concrete Mason
Linda Seide.JPG

Linda Seide

Hospitality Team
Osnel (Kekelo).jpg

Osnel (Kekelo) Francois

Construction Team Member
Rodrigue Louis.JPG

Rodrigue Louis

Sixth Grade Teacher at Te Wouj School
Gina Tine.JPG

Gina Tine

Hospitality Team Member
Marie Denose St Louis.JPG

Marie Denose St-Louis

Third Grade Teacher at Te Wouj School
Batelmie James.JPG

Batelmie James

Fifth Grade Teacher at Te Wouj School
Zachary Vincent.JPG

Zachary Vincent

Quality Control & Group Translator
Waglaire Lagrenade.JPG

Waglaire Lagrenade

Third Grade Teacher at Te Wouj School
Charly (Bello) Saint Louis.JPG

Charly (Bello) Saint Louis

Construction Team Member
Vignet Severe.JPG

Vignet Severe

Compound Management Team Member
Dieulicide Florestal.JPG

Dieulicide Florestal

Preschool Teacher at Te Wouj School