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Connect with your Leader!

Sponsoring an Emerging Leader through Haiti Bible Mission is just one way you can make a difference in their lives. Writing letters is a great way to build a lasting relationship that can encourage your them to be the best they can be! Our Leaders face many challenges, and receiving letters from you and knowing that people are praying for them and truly care for their well being, can impact them in ways beyond measure. Below is the form you must fill out to write to your Leader. Please fill out the spaces below and allow three to four months to receive a response. Once you receive your response, you may continue to correspond through this platform. 

Some topics to avoid:

-Avoid talking about first world luxuries (cars, big houses, electronics...etc)
-Avoid telling them you will send or give them things
-Avoid sharing hardships that you encounter so you can focus on encouraging them 
-Avoid talking about money 

Some Ideas to write about: 

-Ask about their families and friends. 
-Ask the students about their job and hobbies. 
-Tell them about your life and how God is working.
-Tell them about things you like to do.
-Encourage your Leader with bibles verses or kind words.

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