Haiti Earthquake Relief

Dear Friends and Family,

Yesterday's devastating earthquake in Port au Prince was felt in Jeremie.  Lacey and I have been state-side for several weeks, so our family was not directly threatened by the earthquake. However, the Mission's newly appointed chief field officer (my dad, Dave Stockeland) was in Jeremie when the earthquake struck.

Communications to/from Haiti are essentially blacked out. I did, however, receive a message that indicated Dave is OK. That same message indicated some structural damage to buildings within the city of Jeremie and some towns nearby.

The trauma in and around Port au Prince is severe. Haiti Bible Mission is immediately responding in two ways:

1. The Mission is partnering with a ministry located near Port au Prince called Mission of Hope. The Mission of Hope staff is presently acquiring relief medical supplies in the Dominican Republic and will be assessing areas of greatest urgency within the next two days. 

2. The Mission is organizing its own relief team to travel to Haiti and work with Mission of Hope, once needs have been assessed.

Please consider donating to the effort to help the people of Haiti. All proceeds designated for Haiti Earthquake Relief will go directly to those affected by the disaster.  To donate online, please visit our online giving page. Please join me in praying for the people affected by the earthquake and those who will travel to Haiti to help with the relief efforts.  

God bless,
Mark Stockeland, Executive Director
Haiti Bible Mission