Haiti Earthquake Update - January 18, 2010

Dear Family and Friends of Haiti Bible Mission,

Lines of communications between the States and Haiti are beginning to open up. I have had a few telephone calls from Haiti and an e-mail from my father Dave Stockeland. The following is his account of the earthquake from Jeremie, Haiti (about 80 miles from Port-Au-Prince):

As for me, I have never been through anything like that. I was working in the garage when the doors started shaking...I thought a big truck was going by at first but after about three seconds it really got bad...the whole house was shaking, the ground, all the trees were like in a storm!!! I just cried out to God and waited. Some houses down in our area and a few deaths . . .

According to Dave, refugees by the thousands are fleeing Port au Prince and returning to their home towns to be with family and friends. The churches in Jeremie are opening their doors to help these refugees by giving them food, water, shelter and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Dave Stockeland is managing Haiti Bible Mission resources and assisting the churches in providing food, water and shelter to survivors and refugees.

Urgent needs are prayer and financial support. Port au Prince’s disarray means food and fuel may become in short supply. Managing these resources will become a challenge.

Your contributions designated for Haiti Earthquake Relief will go directly to those affected by the disaster. To donate online, please click the Donate button to the right of this page.

Please join me in praying for the people affected by the earthquake, for Dave Stockeland as he ministers in Haiti and for those who will travel to Haiti to help with the relief efforts.

God bless,

Mark Stockeland, Executive Director
Haiti Bible Mission