Hurricane Tomas - Director's Update

Dear Prayer Partners,

Here’s a quick update after the hurricane.  First, we are all doing fine here.  No significant damage in Jeremie, but lots of trees are down.  Second, one of our churches that we just built was mostly destroyed in the hurricane – the roof was torn off and two walls collapsed.  Third, many of our country preachers and other believers lost their entire gardens – life will be difficult for them in the coming months. Here’s one example:  we were able to talk to one of our country preachers Sunday night. It had been raining for three days straight.  The storm destroyed their outdoor kitchen, and they had no food reserves in the house. The entire family has been without food for three days.  The rain has finally stopped today, so they will begin the search for food and start rebuilding their home. 

These situations are typical of the hardships here. We are praying for help to rebuild the church that was destroyed and for help in buying emergency food for families who lost their gardens.

We consider it a privilege to be here to help and we are thankful for all of you who help us help the Haitian people.

God bless,

Mark Stockeland