Year End Giving Opportunity

As most years come to a close often people are looking for opportunities to give to non-profits as they consider their tax situation.  As we thought through how people could partner with HBM with this yearly phenomenon we thought there was no better way to end a year than to help get something started. While there are a lot of things in this world that pull on our wallets and hearts we are asking people to consider HBM to be apart of that pull to help change lives in Haiti. We have a really busy schedule for 2012 and we are pushing to get a new truck to help with groups and ministry life. The old truck is still running, but not as well and all those that have had to ride in the trailer will be glad when we can take two trucks and leave the trailer at home. Myself, the staff, and board are asking you to pray and see how you can be a part of helping us with our goal for this yearend. We have $15,000 right now for the truck, but the final price for a new truck we plan to purchase in Port-au- Prince is $36,500. We serve a big God and know this can happen in His will and time. Thanks for your prayers and support and may God bless you this holiday season!