New basketball court being built on the HBM compound

At the end of June 2011, an initiative was started by an HBM supporter, Paul Gorrell, to raise funds to build a basketball court on the grounds of the HBM compound that would be vital to the sports ministry Mark and Dave seek to further. Paul sought out people to donate to this cause by having them sign a basketball knowing full well that most of those people would never step foot on the court after it's completion. The basketball, full of signatures, went on to be a reminder that even without making the trip to Jeremie, people could further the cause of Christ in a darkly lit society. 

(The following is taken from Paul Gorrell's site,

$8,000 in 40 days to build a basketball court in Jeremie, Haiti for the Haiti Bible Mission.

And now the project basketball that is packed with signatures of supporters is sitting on a shelf.  But that's not a bad thing, because it is on the shelf of Pastor Mark Stockeland; and when Pastor Mark looks at it he sees God's faithfulness and love.

It was amazing to give the ball to Pastor Mark and watch as he would read the names of people he didn't know and thank Jesus for their being a part of the project.

Here are some of the recent texts between Pastor Mark's cell and my cell:

Mark:  They came today and we agreed on a price and they r starting to work on the b-ball court today.  Praise the Lord.  I'll keep you posted and take lots of pics.

Paul:  Just sent $8,000 to porter, tx... Thank you Jesus!

Mark:  Yes sir.  U should see all they have done the last two days.  Thanks bro.

Paul:  That's awesome!

Mark:  Hauled in rock today.

Paul:  Rocks... That's what I'm talking about!

Mark:  Cement and steel came today.

Mark:  20 guys r here pouring the slab for b-ball court.  Sweeeeeet.

Paul:  That is insane!  Loving it.

Mark:  Wait till you see the pics ;)


Below is the campaign video Paul made.