From the Field - August 12, 2011

Pedro, a friend I play basketball with, called me last week and said we needed to talk. He had asked me for money before so I thought it was going to be about money again. Boy was I way off. He said, "Mark, we were at a party in town and Zo and Carl Eric were there and they used to drink like crazy and hook up with the girls." He said everybody including him asked why are you not drinking? He said, "I'll have a coke cause Jesus has changed my life." Pedro said that he went home with a heavy heart and that Zo and Carl Eric's life impacted him. He asked me if he could have his life changed like theirs. My mouth hit the floor. Later, I picked up Pedro and had the boys, along with Pastor Eric pray with him to put his faith in Christ. It's amazing the power of a changed life and how it can impact others.

God is so good.

- Mark