From the Field: August 9, 2011

Last Friday we took 20 Americans and 7 Haitian friends out in the country for 3 days in a village across the river and up the mountain called Te Wouj.  We played soccer, loved on kids, and shared Christ with all who showed up. The next day we fed over 200 people in the village and then watched the film Passion of the Christ.  The people’s response to seeing all that Christ went through for us was encouraging. They cried, moaned, and thanked Him out loud.  Sunday morning my dad and I had the privilege to baptize one of my best friends, Zo, and his good friend Carl Eric, as well as one of our interns, Hannah Truit from Ft. Myers FL.  had to keep my shades on because I was crying so much. It’s such a blessing to see lives changed and on fire for the Lord.  All in all it was a great trip and a great experience for our group to camp out for 3 days bathing in the river, eating fruit that the community got us for breakfast, and just being away from the comforts of home.  

Thanks for all your prayers and support to help us change lives in Haiti.

- Mark