Urgent Hurricane Sandy Update

As a a good portion of the US is recovering from the after effects of the monster storm, Sandy, we are prayerfully remembering God's sovereignty. Hurricane Sandy also passed through our beloved Jeremie, Haiti and dumped rain for days, flooding many areas. Our employees have been making their way to the villages HBM serves, as the waters recede and a way becomes available. They are finding devastation throughout the Haitian countryside. Most of the Haitian population are subsistence farmers, who live off their gardens, selling some produce for other life-necessities. The tree-fruit crop has been destroyed. Plantains, bananas, and breadfruit are Haitian staples and have been wiped out due to hurricane-force winds. Another Haitian staple, black beans, were washed away along with the top soil during the torrential downpours. The desperation in our friends' voices is heartbreaking as they wonder how they will feed their families over the next, very difficult months. In spite of their unimaginable difficulties, we also hear their overwhelming faith as they continue to trust God and sing His praises. Please pray for Haiti and consider donating towards a relief fund that will be used to help the Haitian people replant their crops as well as supply food necessities in the mean-time.

Thank you for your prayers and support!