Civil Unrest In Jeremie, Please Pray

Yesterday much of the city of Jeremie was shut down due to rioting over road work that was unfinished and the company contracted to do the work pulled equipment out and left town.  Many of the roads had burning tires blocking the way and there were even trenches dug to prevent people from being able to leave town.

Mark is very well connected and very well respected throughout the city of Jeremie and was able to get to the airport to pick up the mission team from the states and everyone is safe and back at the HBM compound. HBM has a tremendous security team.  They are as safe as they can be in the compound and will remain there until it is clear things are safe throughout the area.

Please be in prayer for the people of Jeremie, the Stocklands, HBM staff, the team from Pennsylvania and Ohio. Please pray that God will use the work of HBM and the churches they are planting to bring REAL change to the community. Life is different in Haiti than it is here in America but the Truth is the same – the only way communities are renewed is if individuals give their lives to Jesus are forgiven of their sin and the “flesh” is put to death so that Jesus can live in them. Without Jesus we get what we’re seeing in Haiti and while it might look different in your neighborhood the brokenness will continue to produce more brokenness. The more people who meet Jesus, the more people who are made new and live in the power of Jesus the more the community (and in this case the city of Jeremie) experiences renewal that only Jesus can bring.