Update on the unrest in Jeremie and the Pennsylvania Missions Team

Things in Jeremie have somewhat calmed down. Many of the roads are still blocked but the HBM staff and mission teams continue to be very cautious. The team from Pennsylvania were able to get out of the city of Jeremie via "moto" and make their way to one of HBM's church plants in Kolimo. One of the tasks during this team's visit was to complete the roof for the church at Kolimo. After making the trip on moto and the 40 minute hike up the mountain the team made it to Kolimo to begin the work. God had other plans when after a long evening of construction a downpour of rain occured and the team was forced to hike back down the mountain in the middle of the night. The saying goes at HBM, "This is Haiti, anything can happen!" We continue to be thankful for continued safety in this ever volatile country. The work continues in Haiti!