Living Haitian 2012


Can you “Live Haitian” for one day?

As the poorest country in the western hemisphere, many Haitians are left without modern conveniences that we all take for granted every day.

Haiti Bible Mission is an organization in Haiti that seeks to build up indigenous leaders amoung the Haitian people as well as meeting their needs with building projects and food programs

By "Living Haitian", you pledge to go without electricity for one day, thereby getting a taste for the way Haitians spend their lives everyday. The money that sponsors donate to you for "Living Haitian" will go to Haiti Bible Bible to continue their work in western Haiti.

Living Haitian Instructions

Abstain from all forms of electricity, including:

Lights Computer Stove Stereo Microwave Washer Hairdryer Etc.

Have sponsors donate money to Haiti Bible Mission for your commitment to “live Haitian.” They can find the link on any page of the Haiti Bible Mission Website or mail a check with Living Haitian 2012 and your name in the memo to:

Haiti Bible Mission
PO Box 1146
Hanover, PA 17331 

Steps to Participate

1. Fill out the Living Haitian Participants Pledge here 

2. Download the sponsorship form and get sponsors! (You can do this individually or as a youth group)

3. Mail sponsor sheets and donation money (You receive a free T- shirt if you raise at least $100).

4. Live Haitian!

5. Give us your feedback on HBM’s Facebook page.