Intern Spotlight - Audrey Elequin

Time has a way of melting and molding itself into a powerful collection of experiences and memories. It manifests itself through friendships, answered prayers, and the slow, but steady transformation of hearts and lives. During my month serving as an intern in Jeremie, Haiti, God transformed my view of His Kingdom. He revealed to me the power of prayer and the incomparable name of Jesus Christ and gave me a glimpse into His fierce love for His people. Needless to say, my heart has been captivated by this beautiful nation. During our stay, the other interns and I had the opportunity to spend many days with HBM’s pastors and Haitian staff. These men and women exude the joy of the Spirit and truly embody faith at its purest state. Their love for their people and willingness to serve- whether painting the school at Te Wouj, hauling bricks up the mountainside at Kolimo, or visiting the sick and hurting- brings tears to my eyes. These brothers and sisters in Christ have experienced God’s sovereignty and find rest in His goodness. Reflecting on my trip, I have come to realize that God has such a greater purpose for my life. Each moment, each conversation, each decision has such purpose behind it. Our days are limited and our time is short. God calls us to love His people, to liberate the oppressed, to bring healing to the broken. I desire to submit to this calling just as so many of my Haitian friends have. Whether in the States or back in Haiti, God has ordained me to be life to the broken. I am forever grateful to the Stockelands’ example of love and pursuit of God’s people as well as the amazing friendships I made with the other interns. I am forever blessed and changed by my time serving alongside HBM.