Thanksgiving at Haiti Bible Mission

This past week has been a fun but trying week.  With a trip to Port-au-Prince to work on Eldet's visa and gathering supplies, we were stopped twice by police just to get money just to be able to pass by. Thankfully God led the way for us and all worked out. During the trip we became stuck in the mountains for 2 hours waiting on a crew to fix the road.  We also had the front axle crack along with the power steering belt breaking. Needless to say the trip home to Jeremie was a little tense.

Through all that we had a great thanksgiving with some of our haitian staff and seven United Nations troops.  We played football and Lacey and the girls cooked a huge feast. Thanks to Agape flights for the turkey!  

Earlier in the week people were praying for Amos' wife to recover and God willing she did!  She was released from hospital thanksgiving day and is on the road to recovery.  Amos came to the house to say thanks for the prayers, money and the new mattress!  A UN soldier named Eric is in his second week of discipleship with Mark.  God is doing great things and not only in the lives of just Haitian people.