Leadership Spotlight: Eldèt Tine

Director of Haitian Ministries
25 years old  (Birthdate:  October 21, 1987)

Eldèt Tine is the Director of Haitian Ministries. He is in charge of all Haiti-side ministries and projects. Eldèt is an extremely hard-worker, takes initiative and has a passion to see souls won for Christ. In addition to his mission responsibilities, Eldèt is currently in Bible school and serves in the leadership of Haiti Bible Mission's newest church plant in the city of Jeremie. Eldèt's heart and love for people, especially children is obvious within minutes of meeting him. He is always serving, and looking for ways to bless others. We couldn't be more blessed to be working alongside a world-changer such as Eldèt.

Eldèt's story

Eldèt is one of eight children. He was the first in his family to accept Christ and was a mighty instrument in leading the rest of his family to saving Grace. Before moving to the city of Jeremie, Eldèt lived with his mother and father in an extremely isolated and rural part of Haiti. Life there was beyond difficult. Even people, such as neighbors were few and far between.  Life for Eldèt and his family included making a daily trip to retrieve drinking water which would mean leaving the home at 3 in the morning, as the closest drinking water was a difficult 3 1/2 hour (one-way) journey. The closest river, used to wash clothes and bathe was a 3 hour one-way journey. Eldèt speaks of these stories with a bewildered smile, as if even he can't believe he lived so many years under such conditions. One of the most difficult things about living such an isolated life was the lack of even basic medical care. When Eldèt's younger brother Patrick was just 6 days old (born in the family home), an 18 month old sister passed away of unknown causes. Eldèt tells the story of when he was a young child and very sick and his mother, desperate save his life, walked day and night (sleeping on the side of the road) to get him to a hospital. As a teenager, Eldèt's family decided to move into town so that he and his siblings could continue their education; country schools typically end at 6th grade. After the family moved into the city of Jeremie, they encountered a new set of difficulties. Eldèt explains living in extremely impoverished communities where his family was the charity case. They went days with nothing to eat. Eldèt recalls that it was never enough and was a very hard time for his family.  The family moved into a room in a widow’s two-room house.  The house was falling apart and the water poured inside when it rained, but she let them stay in the room for free.  Eldèt remembers the kindness that she gave to him and his family, and he still visits her, helping her with various needs when he can. Eldèt was always looking for ways to help his family, including learning the trade of a concrete mason. He learned by watching, then offering to help for free, then after some time his skills were noticed and he was offered work. He also made candy to sell at school (he chuckles because this was against the rules), profiting the equivalent of about a nickel a day. 

Eldèt first learned about Haiti Bible Mission through his friends Renous and Jackson, who helped out at Haiti Bible Mission first.  He came along with them sometimes and got involved in the ministries as the friendship grew. He worked hard and HBM noticed his God-strengths, eventually promoting him to where he is today.

His favorite verse is Deuteronomy 27:13-14.  He says this is his favorite because he used to pray that God would bless him with a lot of things to bless others.  However, after reading this verse, his prayer became to just obey and further his walk with God first and foremost.