Haiti Bible Mission to plant new church in the city of Jeremie

Over the years, Haiti BIble Mission has been asked to plant a church in the city of Jeremie. It has also been on our hearts although we've never felt God was leading us to do it...until now.  The churches we've planted in rural areas around Jeremie have been blessed with great success. However, planting a church within the dense populated city of Jeremie poses significant obstacles and challenges.  We  wanted to make sure our purpose and vision was strong before we start a church in the heart of this city.  We have lots of business owners, taxi drivers and many friends telling us to plant a church and they will attend.  We ask why they would come to our church and their answer is, "You always do what you say!" When it comes to "church" in Haiti a judgmental heart is a significant crutch for people. As in, if you don't have nice clothes you can't go to church or if you are a real bad sinner, or have tattoos, etc. This is not the kind of church we want to be. We will not be church that waits and expects people to come to us. This spring we will plant what will be Haiti Bible Mission's first inner city missional church. The mission of this church will be to reach the people of Jeremie not by necessarily "inviting" them to church, but to be the church to them that Jesus originally intended it to be. By going and showing the love of Christ to people where they are. We're very blessed to have Pastor Robergeau Chery and our own Director of Haitian Ministries, Eldet Tines as pastors of this new church. These are the leaders that HBM is raising up to spread the love of Christ throughout Haiti.

Look for many updates in the coming months about this new church as well as our other growing churches around Jeremie.