This Week at HBM


Our last update left you with a lot of exciting thing that were upcoming.  In this installment we have the pleasure of updating the status of all God initiated last week in Jèrèmie.  On Sunday we had the first service of our Jèrèmie church plant.  After having invited a few friends on Saturday afternoon, we set to prepare ourselves for the Holy Spirit to show up.  We woke up ready and quickly set to work on our tasks and our hearts.

After a swift and uneventful set-up we had such a moving service. Seeing Eldet and Pastor Roberjo lead the church in worship, both in spirit and in truth was extraordinary.  Eldet explained the call of HBM to Live the Difference and explained how our church would be one that was led by Haitians who seek to be different and set apart in a culture of judgement and exclusion.  Special music was also a blessing and our friends who attended, including those from Houston’s First Baptist Church, were so blessed to be a part of it.

On Monday we set out to work at Tè Wouj on a couple of tandem projects.  While a few from the group observed and instructed our teachers at the school, others from the group aided Mark, Casey and Zo in fixing the roof of a house in poor condition.  The teachers were so blessed to have fresh and new ways to teach their students information that will bless them in the future and the owners of the house were so grateful to sleep in a dry bed on Tuesday when it rained!

During their trip the group from Houston did quite a bit of ministry including praying and singing at the hospital.  After the hospital the group went to The Point, the most impoverished part of the city, to fix more roofs and play with children. They also made the hike up to Kolimo to paint the interior of the church and tarp yet another roof in the village.

One of the unique opportunities we had this week was to fix the road that leads to our house in town.  It blessed our neighbors so much to see our 8 girls and one guy hauling buckets and wheel-barrows of dirt and rock to fix their main artery into town.  One Haitian man was so overwhelmed that he donated enough money for another load of dirt. That is a first for HBM!

Please join us in prayer for this team as they are currently on the eight hour drive to Port-au-Prince in the HBM truck.  Their charter was cancelled for unknown reasons and they are now forced to spend a night in Port to board a flight tomorrow.  Please pray that they arrive safely in Miami tomorrow and that our Executive Director Markand our security team arrive safely home tomorrow evening in Jèrèmie.