This Week at HBM

We’ve had quite a week at HBM!  Since our return last week, all has settled down back to normal at the mission and all cylinders are firing!  It’s obvious that God is doing so much in and around Jèrèmie, but we’ve got a few highlights to cover.

At the onset of this week Executive Director Mark Stockeland set out on an errand to walk through downtown Jèrèmie and spend some time alone, praying and seeking the Lord’s will regarding our upcoming church plant in the city.  We’ve been talking and praying through finding a location to rent with no success.  Haitian culture isn’t responsive to meeting in a school or restaurant like an American church plant, but they are very excited that we’re planting a church. On his outing, Mark found a location that is far less expensive than expected and he was able to secure a contract that same day!  It is a very large theater-type building with 500 chairs and a large stage we can use.  We are all thrilled to be doing services there very soon!

We’ve also had an American team here who has partnered with us on an exciting project.  Mark and Meg are from Montana and today they finished the installation of a water pump on the mountain in Tè Wouj!  It is such a blessing to be able to band together with them and to see the parallels in our respective visions to bless the people in this zone.  Now the children of Tè Wouj can spend more time being kids and the tank next to the church will serve as a reminder that God has His hand on the people of this sweet village.

As we’ve been working at Tè Wouj this week, we’ve had the privilege of promoting two of our staff to new positions.  One of the most rewarding things we get to do is invest in our emerging leaders, so we’re glad to have promoted Renous, who oversaw the compound to a new position over the youth and music ministries at our churches.  Dieuny (pronounced “Jenny”), who has recently been our Haitian intern of sorts, is now filling in where Renous was, overseeing the HBM grounds.  We are so excited to see how God has raised both of them up to accomplish the tasks set before them.

These are just a few things God has done in the last week.  Stay tuned for more info regarding our indigenous and transplanted leaders and more info regarding our network of family coming over to work alongside us.