This Week at HBM

The Lord has really stretched HBM the last few days.  When we take a moment to examine the fact that we grow when we’re stretched, few things could be more exciting.  That doesn’t mean we don’t need prayer or that it’s comfortable, but comfort certainly isn’t on the priority list for those called to missions.

The largest challenge we’ve had the opportunity to overcome is our bout with transportation needs.  Though we’ve made a huge effort to check and double check all flights in and out of Haiti for our groups, The Lord has had other plans for us.  Tortug’Air, one of two main airlines that we utilize, is still not flying.

If you had a chance to read our last update, no doubt you remember our request for prayer regarding the Houston group.  You’ll recall Mark had to drive them to Port-au-Prince.  We are blessed to report that Mark got them to the hotel in Port-au-Prince for some much needed rest and they made it to the airport in time for their flights the next morning.  We are still praising God that He came through, but He wasn’t done there.

The next need we had was to get two of our visiting friends who had Tortug’Air flights back to the states.  Thanks to the flexibility and grace of our friends at MAF, the other airline that we utilize, our friends made it back to the states as well.  We are no worse and all the better for having experienced God come through for us and we can’t express how grateful we are for His love and direction, however inconvenient.

Once the dust settled from our trip to Port and battle with airlines, it was time to receive a blessing.  We just returned from a trip to La Cayes where we received supplies flown in by another missions organization.  Everything there had been donated to bless the city of Jèrèmie.  We picked up a couple of basketball goals and solar lights for the city basketball court (a very integral part of the city’s culture).  We also picked up a couple of motos in that shipment which will facilitate more ministry for HBM.  We are so blessed by the generosity of our friends in Moses Lake, WA!

Today we are returning to La Cayes as a short term mission trip group is arriving from Florida.  Though their flight with Tortug’Air was cancelled, we were able to get them on a shuttle, driven by one of our most trusted partners in Port, and they are swiftly on their way to our compound at the time of this writing.  Please join us in praying that their team’s commitment to HBM and our ministry here is blessed.  We’re looking forward to seeing the Lord move this week in a big way.