This Week at HBM

As we reflected on the past week this morning, we were almost taken aback at how blessed we were to be a part of kingdom work.  It all started with a unique situation at the beginning of our week as Executive Director, Mark and Director of Haitian Ministries, Eldet went to Port-au-Prince to secure a passport for Eldet.

What is a routine event in the states is an ordeal in Haiti, so the fact that they returned to Jèrèmie with Eldet’s passport in tow is nothing short of a miracle.  We have no doubt that the Lord navigated them through a jumble of third-world bureaucracy and answered prayers for safety and swiftness through the process.  They landed in town on Tuesday accompanied by Hannah Truitt a long-time friend, former summer intern and relational asset to HBM.

To prepare for the church, we’ve invested first in human assets, and have banded together our leaders in town.  We’ve organized our forces into strategic teams to make our first Sunday, March 10th, a success. The first team was mentioned in our last update, the pastoral team. Pastor Roberjo and Associate Pastor Eldet are gearing up and mostly prepared for the events to commence in a few days.

We’ve also assembled a team for music, led by Renous, who will organize and lead the special music, aided by Casey, our Assistant Director.  This is a large part of the Haitian worship service and is looked forward to by many.  We’ve also assembled a team of ushers and a team for security.  The usher team will be led by Dieuny, our new compound overseer in training, who will be aided by Pepe, a new member of our labor force and a long time friend.  Our security team is known to most of you and they are very experienced.  None other than Zo and Carl-Eric will be keeping us safe every Sunday.

We also have physical preparations that require all hands on deck. We must arrange for electricity to run lights and fans, water to aid in the function of toilets and we have to clean the entire facility to make it church ready.  Please pray for us and our team as we start this new journey!

We will be joined by the Houston’s First group on Sunday and then we’ve got plenty to do.  They’ll be assisting our leaders in doing road work, fixing roofs, instructing our teachers at our school in Tè Wouj, working on our church plants and helping with improvements in town and at the compound.  That sounds like a lot, but we know that with the Lord’s aid, we can get it all done, and we can’t wait to tell you all what the Lord will have finished by the end of next week!