This Week at HBM

This week we hosted a group from the Summit Church Student Ministry in Florida. It was a unique group for a few reasons. We were blessed to have an HBM board member, Bill Vecchio, his wife Lauren and their beautiful little daughter Selah. It was a huge move of trust in the Lord for them to bring her with their group of 10, but they knew the Lord was up to the task.

Much like the last group, we had to over come travel challenges to get them here and to get them home. Their trip to Jèrèmie consisted of ten hours of bad roads and a sick infant. Their trip home was lightened by a replacement charter secured at the last minute, but three of their guys had to ride to Port-au-Prince with Mark, stopping by Cayes, the day before. We were blessed to get them here and home safe. The Lord is so faithful to take care of His children!

While they were here, the group did a lot of ministry in their time. They started their week off right at our Jèrèmie church plant and then loved on some orphans at our orphanage in the slums of "Pig Beach."  The next few days they finished the paint job at Kolimo, prayed with children at the hospital and then played with the children at the point. Of course you can image they had an opportunity to bless our neighbors while working on the road here. 

We were sad to see the Summit group go as they brought so much energy and joy with them. Bill and Lauren were such a blessing to our staff and our directors team, and Selah kept a smile on our faces the whole time she was here. 

We recovered our joy this morning as we celebrated our first Easter Sunday at our new church plant. Everyone was in good spirits and the Holy Spirit really moved. We were so glad to be refreshed and filled as we prepare for the next group, who will be here in two days!