This Week at HBM

We have had a great week at HBM. We had the privilege of sharing the week with a very unique group. The majority of the group was from central Washington state and was sent by Moses Lake Presbytarian Church. They were a group of teachers, parents and students who were very highly skilled and extremely motivated. 

Moses Lake was joined by two other duos who came in the day after. One was a tag team of mentors focused on mentoring kids in need and facilitating a safe environment for them to find an outlet through basketball. They were here with an organization called Pick Up The Ball from Fort Myers, Florida and they were focused on giving the local basketball courts a makeover in the name of Jesus. 

The other duo was a father and son pair from Providence Community Church in Hannover PA. Chad and Camden are their names and they were here to support the mission in any way they could. What a blessing they were! You can read more about Camden's story in a previous post we've published.

This group was able to do quite a few projects in their time here. Their first day they cut and partially assembled pieces of benches and tables for Tè Wouj. Those same tables and benches we assembled and painted the next day while very motivated and experienced educators worked with our teaching staff at the school. After that a similar project provided benches and a gallery for our church building at Kolimo. To meet the goals of Pick Up The Ball, our skilled team from Washington helped them replace the basketball goals at the local court with sturdier, nicer and newer goals. They also helped our indigenous leader Pepe serve his neighbors with tarps and a soccer game at The Point. After a wonderful service on Sunday, we had the honor and difficult task of loving on some very impoverished orphans at the Pig Beach orphanage.

It was a great trip and we're still reflecting on all that God did through us. Now as Mark and Lacey prepare to head back to the States tomorrow, Casey and Whitney are preparing for their first stint in Haiti without the safety net of the Executive Director and his family. Pray for us as we enter this season of reunion and reliance on God.