This Week at HBM

This week has been characterized by hospitality at the HBM compound. We have been presented with opportunities to go above and beyond the call to ministry in Jeremie to welcome others into our house and to show them the love of Christ.  It is one of our goals to minister to others outside of daily routines and, as the Chairman of our board says, make “good surprises.”  That’s something we had a chance to do this week.

One of the most notable surprising opportunities we had was to host another organization’s group a couple of times this week.  The Impact195 missions group in Jeremie hosted a group from Miami this week comprised largely of Haitian-American people who speak Kreyol. It was just as much of a blessing to us to be able to see our employees interacting with these Americans in their native tongue without feeling a lack of commonality.  Most of the group were first generation Americans who speak Kreyol at home.  It was great to hear their testimonies and what the Lord has done for them and their families too.  Who would have thought that a few basketball games could result in God glorifying testimonies and international fellowship!

We attended our urban church this week and were pleasantly surprised to see that we had over 20 visitors.  In Haitian churches visitors are given a chance to greet the church if they wish and to explain why they are there.  We were blessed to hear that many of our visitors were there because they’ve heard what the Lord is doing at our church and that they want to be a part of what’s going on there.

Yesterday and today Dieuny, an employee who has a huge heart for children, has been strategically overseeing the giving out of shoes to orphans in a local orphanage.  We are so glad to be able to bless these children, but our hearts are heavy regarding this institution. For the last three months our construction boss, Robergeau, has been offering to fix the grounds of the orphanage in conjunction with another missions organization in town, but the couple who run the orphanage refuses to let him start his projects.  It’s so sad when we see our leaders trying so hard to bless the “least of these” in their home town, just to get shut down.  We are praying for a miraculous change of heart or circumstance regarding this heartbreaking location and these children in dire need.  Please join us in praying about the situation of this orphanage.