This Week at HBM

Our week at HBM has been a joyful one.  All of our full-time missionary staff has returned to Haiti as of Saturday last week and we’ve been celebrating since.  We are so excited to come home to Jeremie and see that the mission has been blowing and going in our absence.  Eldet has done a great job holding the mission and we are stronger than ever.  That’s a very good thing, as work is about to increase along with the temperature.

This week began with a heartfelt church service in which our newly saved, newly baptized church members partook in their first communion. It’s such a wonder to see new Christians walking in obedience for the first time.  Among the ranks of disciples was our good friend Pepe, who has been a friend of the mission for years.  We rejoiced to see him taken under the wing of Pastor Roberjeau and Eldet as they lead him down the right path.

Pepe is exceptionally grateful this week as we had the priviledge of hiring him to be an employee of the mission.  He along with two others, Tchouk and Tayina, was added to the ranks to fill much needed responsibilities as our work load increases.  Pepe and Tchouk will be helping us out with work around the compound and with groups, while Tayina has a very special position. She will be serving as Eldet’s Personal Assistant.  As he has lead and directed everything on the Haiti side, it’s become increasingly apparent that he needs help with administration.  Tayina has skills that are hard to find in Jeremie and she’s put them to good use already in staff meetings.  One of those meetings was an all staff meeting in which Mark shared his heart.  It’s refreshing to see all that The Lord has given him to say as we kick off this busy season.

Now we’re getting geared up to host a group from Mark and Lacey’s home church, Providence in Hannover, PA.  We can’t wait to share with you how this very special relationship is leveraged for God’s glory in the coming days.  Please pray that we’ll be able to be the hands and feet of Jesus this coming week, and join us in celebrating what he’s already done since we’ve returned.