This Week at HBM

It's by the grace of God we can say that this week has been a busy but eventful one for the mission. Thank you everyone who prayed for HBM and all of our family in Haiti. In light of the reports of impending damgage, the reality of tropical storm Chandal was such a minor one. 

Over the last few days we've been preparing for a huge downpour, 70 mile-an-hour winds and major flooding. It looked like we were going to be stuck at the compound for a while, so we stocked up on the essentials including water, gas and propane to ensure we were in good shape. 

By no means were we upset though that on Wednesday night when forecasters predicted we would be hit the hardest, the storm had dissipated. Though there was still some meteorological activity on radar, Chantal wasn't even being labelled a depression. What a gracious God we serve. 

Now that the storm is passed, we've been working hard to get everything back to normal tip top shape for Mark, Lacey, Barak and Amrey on Monday. We are so glad they're going to be back, but we are excited about why they're in America, too. 

Mark is officiating the wedding of Katie Steinour, his hands and feet in the States. We are so happy for Her husband Blake and her as they make this God-honoring commitment. What a blessing.