This Week at HBM

Our week began with a wonderful service day for our church in Jeremie. Our plans were to sweep the streets in front of our general hospital in town, but a hard rainfall on the night before took care of that for us.  What ensued was a spontaneous and joyous day of visitation both in the hospital’s children’s wing and in the homes of a few of our church members.  We had a chance to pray over a few of our neighbors who were in the hospital and distributed shoes to a few church members at their homes.  We also took some shoes to some of the youth at The Point who’ve been coming to church.

At the compound things are back to a roaring hustle and bustle as work recommenced on the guest house project.  We project that the second of three rooms will be completed by the end of next week.  We’re still praying for God’s provision to help us complete this project, but slowly and surely He’s shown himself faithful through our loving family of believers in the States.

We’ve also had the privilege to see some of our staff advance as students.  A few of our city staff took the massive “11th grade” test to help them enter their second-to-last year of Haitian school.  This is a huge undertaking as the country recently switched all tests to French and they don’t speak French.  They are hopeful but are in need of our prayers.

Also on the education front, our employees who have been studying English have been advanced to the second level of their curriculum. They have been joined by a few more employees who have shown an interest in English as a life-skill, whom we’ve started at the beginning.  We’re thrilled to see them start this journey.

Just today we’ve had quite a day of ministry.  We started the day by playing groundskeeper at the local hospital.  We arranged their yard for a large celebration they’re having.  This may seem like a small task, but it was an opportunity to do something unexpected and meaningful for a very important establishment in our neighborhood.

We also had a city-wide pastors meeting hosted by HBM’s Eldet Tine. It is so great to see the city’s churches coming together and prayerfully considering a solution to the city’s lostness.  We are so glad to be a part of what the Lord is doing through this movement