This Week at HBM

This week we’ve said goodbye to our friends at Providence in Hannover and have gotten back into the swing of things without a group here. We’ve still had Josh Wheeler and Dwayne Jackson from Ft Myers helping us out, and what a help they’ve been.

This week started with Dwayne’s basketball camp down at the city courts.  He’s been running drills and teaching basic skills no one has taken the time to teach these kids.  He’s been running them hard, but giving them water and food (which some of them won’t get at home) and has been inviting them to church.  We’re praising The Lord for Dwayne as we’ve seen five kids come to church already as a result of his work and we’ll be expecting in faith to see more fruits of his labor.

Mark had a chance recently to meet with key officials in Jeremie including the mayor himself.  We’re looking to partner with him and had an opportunity to apply a little pressure to his efforts to fix problem areas of the city.  We’re believing big as we look to have similar meetings with other officials in the area.

This week Lacey had a chance to lead a team of our staff and our two visiting helpers to the remote village of Tanayiz.  We sponsor a lady and her family there and have longstanding ties to the area.  The next day we made our trip to Les Cayes, about 3 hours away by truck, to collect the third and final A/C unit for our guest house.

We’ve been working hard on the guest house this week to finish what we’ve set out to do and in preparation for the group that’s coming tomorrow.  We’re so excited to welcome them and to get started facilitating their work.  7 people are here for 7 days to run electricity into the guest house, install all of the outlets needed to make it comfortably livable and to install the A/C units we picked up in Cayes.

Today Whitney is out at Tè Wouj gathering information and gearing up for our Sponsorship Program scheduled to launch this Fall.  We’ve so excited to be able to impact lives more and to better serve the communities where we’ve already set up shop.  Be on the lookout for more information regarding this program and the varied needs it will meet.

As you pray for the Sponsorship Program and the general health of HBM, please keep our group coming tomorrow in your prayers.  They will be serving each group that comes after them, ensuring each person coming in the future is rested and ready to serve.  We believe that will make a difference that will impact innumerable lives.