This Week at HBM

This week we've had a group here from Renew Communities in Cleveland, OH with us. It's been a whirlwind ride, but the Lord is faithful and He has been blessing us through it all. 

The theme of this week has been "reaping" as we've seen lots of fruit from HBM's work in Jeremie.  Through his basketball training and evangelism efforts, Dwayne has seen 4 kids accept Christ this week.  The Lord has put an annointing on his work here and He's been so faithful to bless these kids.

We also saw a harvest when tarping in neighborhood this week. Three people accepted Jesus as their personal savior and committed to live for Him.  A simple act of kindness turned into an opportunity twice as a lady and then a young couple received a small token of our neighborly love.  It was no small thing to them.  They're now sleeping in a dry bed with more assurance than they could have ever imagined.

We also got a chance to minister to our church family in Tè Wouj and Kolimo through tarping. It was extra special as we got to enjoy the completion of the churh at Kolimo with the stateside church who has supported it the most from the beginning.  Now we can see that it's a finished construction project, but their work has just begun in blessing the people who have been all but forgotten on that mountain.

Today HBM co-sponsored a prayer breakfast in conjunction with Impact 195 and Intercession Haiti.  It was a success as officials and pastors from all over Jeremie gathered for fellowship and prayer.  The Lord was glorified and our hearts were lifted up together on behalf of this hurting city.

Now we look forward to more ministry in town and a church evangelism project before this group leaves on Monday. Please join is in praying that the Lord will continue to bless us as He has.