This Week at HBM

HBM has been under the microscope this week, more so than usual.  We recently hosted a high-flying, amped up basketball team that competed in an exhibition tournament downtown hosted by an organization called GHATES.  In addition to playing basketball they got a chance to do some ministry with our local kids and get a feel for what it means to live the difference here in Jeremie.

On this team we had a couple of noteworthy guests like Dwayne Jackson from Ft. Myers, FL who is staying with us for six weeks to mentor youth in Jeremie.  We also had Nathan Herndon the lead pastor and big-man-in-the-paint from Providence in Hannover, PA.  Before they played on the courts, they served the city by painting them in the colors of the Haitian flag.  It’s just red and blue to us, but to the people in our neighborhood, that was a big sign of respect.

Our victories didn’t come easy as many of the games’ referees made calls in favor of the Haitians.  Nonetheless, in the face of adversity and diversity, our team came out on top.  Our team won each game they played, and two of them they won by as many as 40 points.  Our last match was especially notable as it followed a very difficult game and we pulled out a win with a score of 108 to 64.  That is a testament to hard work and keeping a cool head when it would be so easy to blow up.

We were so glad to have Cory Conrad and brothers Zach and Bryce Harbold on our team as well.  Bryce was our MVP with 36 points in our last game and similar performances each night.  Thanks so much to all of those guys who made this effort a success for our sports outreach effort in Jeremie.  The most important thing about the whole effort was that we shared the gospel at each game and made sure that the Lord was lifted up.

While the group was here they had a chance to see other things we’re doing here in Jeremie, too.  They had the privilege of seeing Tè Wouj, hiking Kolimo, experiencing our evangelism efforts on the last Sunday of the month and to minister through prayer at the local hospital. They also got to see a Haitian soccer match and a big party out in the country for the anniversary of one of the big Catholic churches in our area.

We were sad to see them go, but this week coming up will be a building week in which we can get all of our organizational homework back on track.  Please pray for us as we direct the future of what the Lord is doing at HBM.