This Week at HBM

We're very glad to have things back to normal since the arrival of our new truck.  We've been able to make multiple trips to Cayes to pick up shipments of project supplies and tarps for incoming mission groups.  It's a beautiful three and a half hour trip (60 miles) to Cayes and we're very grateful the Lord blessed us with a truck that can make the trip happen consistently and reliably. 

We spent some time recently at the hospital continuing our ministry of supplying food and water to the sick and hungry.  Lots of time is spent at the city hospital praying with people and families and we're grateful for the opportunity to bless those in need.

The tarp ministry around Jeremie and the other villages have made a huge impact helping people sleep better and keep the roadside businesses going during the rainy season. Although tarps for homes and businesses are of great need in Jeremie, it's a substantial cost to transport them from the states to western Haiti.  If you'd like to help support this ministry, please see the bottom of this post for specific details. 

Our city church plant in the city recently moved to a new location down at the "point" in Jeremie. This is one of the poorest, urban locations in the region. This past week we spent time painting and fixing the walls and roof to get it ready for Sunday. 

Being a missionaries in western Haiti would not possible without your continued support. We want to take opportunities to let you know how you can support us here in Haiti.  If you, your church or organization would be interested in helping funding these needs, please email and we will be in touch with you on how to make a donation to this cause.  Here are a few specific ways that you can help meet the needs of HBM: 

  • The rental space for our city church plant in Jeremie is $1,900 for the year.
  • Shipment of tarps from the US to Jeremie will cost $3,500.
  • Bibles and songbooks for our churches: $225
  • Hospital ministry including food and medicine: $400
  • Startup fee for internet at the HBM compound: $350
  • Feeding program at our Te Wouj school and church: $700/month for 100 children plus teachers.
  • Sponsor an emerging leader at HBM: $125/month