A Week at HBM with North River Church of Parrish, FL.

We were very privileged to have a group of 19 people from North River Church of Parrish, FL with us in Jeremie this past week. The group brought along a small dental team and were able to give first aid training to the locals in Te Wouj.  In addition to their time playing games with the kids at Te Wouj and the local orphanage, they were able to paint the school and church along with the newly built toilet rooms.  They were also able to build a new roof for a neighbor in the city and performed dental work for our church plant in town along with all the HBM staff.  While  part of the team did some painting on the HBM compound, a few made the trip to Cayes Executive Director Mark Stockeland to pick up a shipment of supplies being flown in by Agape Flights.  Saturday was spent at the market and the beach along with the chance to experience a Haitian church service on Sunday. Check out all the great pics below of the week and thank to North River Church for living the difference with us.