Hurricane News: Assessing the damage.

Praise that our leaders have arrived in Jeremie!  With the help of our friends at Mission Aviation Fellowship, Mark Stockeland and Marc Donald Germeil were able to land in Jeremie.  Through several brief calls, we have gotten word of the devastation in Jeremie.  A large percentage of the houses are gone, and even our sturdy structure has underwent severe damage.  

The new roof on our gallery is gone and trees have fallen over like matchsticks on the ground.  Our staff is feeding 40-50 people and are without sleep due to the lack of the security on the compound because of broken perimeter fences.  Please pray for these great men and women and for our leaders assessing the damage and deciding what first steps to be done.  We would also like to share a praise that Mark Stockeland's father, David Stockeland has weathered the storm in Jeremie and is fine.

One of our biggest immediate needs are funds for shipping new solar panels to Agape Flights, as our compound has no gas, water or electricity, this is one of our most pressing needs.

What can you do to help?

  • Pray. Please continue to pray for the relief efforts and for the other organizations partnering together such as Agape Flights, Mission Aviation Fellowship and HaitiOne.
  • Donate. You can donate to the relief effort by clicking here choosing the donate button and choosing "Hurricane Matthew Relief" from the donation menu to help us in the relief effort.
  • We ask that you continue to desist contacting Haitian staff and our leaders who just arrived in Haiti.  It is imperative that any communication they have is with other HBM staff to coordinate relief efforts.  Anyone with questions or requests can email us at
  • We are interested in putting together a team of specialized, skilled volunteers (electricians and carpenters) who would be willing to lead the charge next week in Haiti to help rebuild.  Please contact us at if you are an electrician or carpenter, and have the ability to come. 
“Let us acknowledge the Lord: let us press on to acknowledge him. As surely as the sun rises, he will appear...”
— Hosea 6:3a