Haiti Bible Mission: 2016 Recap

This year at Haiti Bible Mission has been full of character-developing challenges, amazing short term groups and projects that sought to encourage and strengthen the leaders we have here in Haiti.  Click through the vignettes below to see a month-by-month recap of what we have been doing here at HBM so far in 2016!  God is good!

January/February 2016
During January and February of this year, we were able to put metal doors on the school to increase the security of the school, and began renovating the school kitchen.  The start of this year included the purchasing of our second truck, which continues to be a blessing for the Mission and our teams.

March 2016
March brought with it HBM's first short-term group of the year. We had a combined crew from Florida and Texas, who put a roof on the house of Vialy Josuè's family in downtown Jeremie.  They also worked hard to build furniture for our new group facility.

April 2016
Moses Lake never fails to bring an excellent group to bless us at HBM, and they arrived in April to put a new roof on our church in Te Wouj.  The group also worked hard to give art lessons to our students at the Te Wouj School and at Madam Joel's orphanage in Chambellan.  The group finished out their time by building bunk beds for the children at the orphanage.

May 2016
With May came the completion of our new guest kitchen and gallery!  Our group from NNU was the first group to use both the kitchen and gallery, and it has proven to be an invaluable space for us at HBM, not just for groups but also for staff meetings and meals.  The NNU group made more desks for our school and took tarps out to our church community in Kolimo.  They also took the time to make a meal for our staff.

June 2016
June means the start of the summer months and the end of another school year at the Te Wouj School.  To help our students and staff celebrate the end of the school year, a group from Coulee City, WA came.  They created celebrations at Te Wouj, completed painting the inside of the renovated kitchen, made pizza for our staff and celebrate at Madam Joel's orphanage as well.  It was an exciting, celebratory finish to the school year!

Fall 2016
We at HBM have big plans for the fall!  Hanover, PA is hosting a basketball and golf tournament fundraiser in September.  This is the fourth annual Hanover Loves Haiti Event, and we pray that the annual event continues to grow.
The end of September also brings a Leadership Seminar led by David Wiedis of Serving Leaders Ministries for all of our missionaries and Stateside employees.  Pray with us that it will be a time of growth and team-building.