One Month Post-Matthew: November 4, 2016

Relief Distribution Update

We at Haiti Bible Mission have been continuing to distribute food to local pastors, the surrounding community and our partners in the countryside.  Through the help and provision of Mission of Hope and HaitiOne, HBM has been able to distribute 21,000 lbs of food as well as other provisions to meet immediate needs as gardens begin to regrow.  A highlight for us as a mission was to bless each family with a student in our school with some food provisions.  It was great to see these precious people together!

USAID has partnered with HBM with the help of four of their own staff members working alongside our team.  These Haitians are trained in roofing and tarping and skilled in many other areas.  We are thankful for their service alongside HBM staff!

Chambellan Orphanage Update

Work continues at Madam Joel’s orphanage in Chambellan.  We were finally able to get to them early last week, and we were told we were the first relief group to get across the river to help.  Part of Madam Joel’s home was destroyed and the roof is gone.  The children and community at large have been battling infection and sickness as the rains have been relentless. 
However, we were able to send out our masons to begin rebuilding walls and our crew to get a roof over the heads of these sweet people.  We also partnered with Mission of Hope by guiding several of their medical team to treat immediate needs of this unreached people.  Praise the Lord, they also led four people to Christ.  We are praying that these hearts remain open to the gospel as we continue to minister there.