Te Wouj Roof Team

Heavy rains at the start of their trip could not keep our first team of the year down!  The joint team from Grace Bible Church, Providence Community Church and Houston, Texas all came together to do much more than get a huge start on the roof at Te Wouj School.  The first three days of their trip was plagued with rain, making the river too high to cross, but they made good use of their time by replacing the water pump on the compound, putting a roof on a home at the Point, making signs for our school classrooms and more!  And after all this, they still went to the school during the last half of their trip to get many of the beams up.  This will enable our staff to easily finish the roof as the weather allows, and we are so grateful for their hard work and relentless cheerful hearts.

Happy Fourth Anniversary, Providence, Jeremie!

We shared a special celebration on Sunday with our own church plant at the Point, in downtown Jeremie.  The church was literally filled to overflowing as so many people came to celebrate in a five-hour service on Sunday morning!  These people are so precious and helped to make this church celebration memorable.  They are the church body, and the bride of Christ, Hallelujah!