June 2018 Update

 June was a month full of growing and learning opportunities for our Haiti Bible Mission leaders and staff. We started the month off by doing an in depth study of the book of Nehemiah, focusing on discovering  how Nehemiah loved a people group, joined God in His work, built an excellent team and took that team and made it a “family”. A very fitting study for this season at HBM! 

   Haiti’s Heroes, the hospital ministry of Haiti Bible Mission, spearheaded by 8 year-old Amery Stockeland, has been making a major impact on the pediatrics ward at our local hospital. Amery, along with some of our Haitian staff members, visit the hospital at least once a week. During her visits, Amery connects with the local pediatrician and buys medicine for those that are most in need. She also gives out food and water and small toys/crafts that she personally makes for each patient. The patients and parents respond so gratefully to Amery and her presence at the hospital. 

   The last week of June, we were blessed to host a small team from Coulee City, Washington. The team leaders, Pastor Clifford and Stacy Bresee, from Coulee City Presbyterian Church, took 15 HBM staff married and soon to be married couples, through a 2 day course on what the Bible says about marriage and how to have a God honoring marriage. Our staff are still talking about this class and what an impact it made for them. We anticipate that the Bresees will continue to teach this class to a wider audience! We are also encouraging our staff to take what they have learned and share it with other couples who will be faithful to share as well! 

   We are thankful for this month where our roots grew deeper in Christ and we grew closer as an HBM staff Family as we studied God’s Word together again and again. 

   Thank you to each of you who have had a part in investing in the lives of our HBM Emerging leaders and staff. We pray that as we gathered together with God’s Word as the focus, seeds were sown that will last for eternity.