Mourning a Deep Loss

As you know over the past many months we've been asking you to join us in praying for our beloved student, Dieujuste Lapais, as he battled Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. It is with deep sadness and pain that we inform you that Dieujuste passed away yesterday morning. Although the chemo was working at first, he took a turn for the worse and the chemo treatment proved to be no longer effective. He passed away in the hospital in Port Au Prince where they were working hard to make him as comfortable as possible during his last days on earth. This has been the most difficult year we've had to face as a sponsorship program. Between the loss of our dear teacher, Dieulicide and now the loss of sweet Dieujuste, we are devastated. We are only able to continue pushing forward knowing and truly believing that Jesus took Dieujuste home to be with him. We know now he is not hurting or sick, but running and leaping in the presence of his Savior! We are confident that Dieujuste understood the deep love Jesus had for him and we know he asked Him into his heart during his difficult battle with cancer. Right before he passed, he left a message for his family, who were so dear to him. He told them "Take courage, because I see Jesus with a white dress waiting for me!" We are blown away by the faith of this precious nine year old.

Loss like this cannot be understood, but as believers in God's perfect plan and His design for everlasting life, we are able to see purpose and meaning amidst the tragedy. We have already seen so many beautiful things come from this precious little boy's life. Dieujuste's uncle, who his father had been witnessing to for years, came to know and love Jesus because of Diejuste's journey and experience with cancer. So many people from many different cities, states, and countries came together and prayed day after day for a miracle and because of that saw their faith deepen and increase. Because of his life, others now know Jesus and are able to continue spreading His word and love. We know God doesn't always answer our prayers and pleas the way we expect or so badly desire, but He answers them the way He knows is best.

We want to thank you for your prayers and constant support. The family also wants to extend their deep gratitude for all the funds that came in during this process and for all the thoughts and kind words extended to them. We ask that you continue to keep the Lapais family in your prayers and hearts, as the days will continue to be hard and devastating for them. Please pray they are able to hold a funeral for him to honor his life and celebrate all God has done through him.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers,

-Hannah Rosario
Sponsorship Coordinator
Haiti Bible Mission