One Powerful God

We are excited to announce that, through our partnership with Mission of Hope:  Haiti, we were able to complete roofing 175 homes in Bonbon!  Many lives have been helped physically by the shelter a roof provides since the Hurricane destroyed so much, but even more importantly, the Gospel has been shared and people have been cared for spiritually in this community as a result.  This is cause for celebrating our powerful God!  Our partnership with Mission of Hope continues as we join forces to put roofs on even more homes in the heart of Jeremie.  We are excited to see what God has in store as we continue to build relationships both in Jeremie and in Bonbon.

Te Wouj Community

School continues in Te Wouj, and the students are excited to receive the first letters from their sponsors since the Hurricane!  It means a lot to students to know there is someone cheering them on from so far away!  The school building construction continues and is nearly ready for a roof.  It will be a huge blessing to our teachers to get out from under tarps back into a real classroom again.  Please pray that the construction continues to its completion quickly, and within budget.
Our students also received new shoes recently!  Thank you to all who helped to get these kids into some stable footwear!

The homes pictured below have housed two families at the Point in Jeremie for some time, and have been identified by our church community as some of the people being in the biggest need in the area.  God connected us with the ability to help give these families a new start by means of a new home!  We are so thankful to have this opportunity to bless these families and encourage the community.

God is good!

Time to Play!

Our staff take many opportunities to share the love of Christ through their actions, and a great way to do that is through sports.  As many know, basketball is a favorite pastime of many at HBM, so what better way to build relationships and extend grace than on the court!  We are thankful for our friends in the community, as we make new ones almost every day.  God is good!

Relief Distribution Continues

Due to the assistance from HaitiOne and Mission of Hope partners, we continue to distribute relief supplies and food to those in need in the community.  Our staff work hard to determine who has the most need, as many in their communities look to them for support and aid.  It is a blessing to see how eagerly they work to tangibly share God's love to those around them.


Homes continue to be finished and roofed in the communities of Te Wouj and in Bonbon!  Thanks to hardworking people who we can supply with a job in the community and support from sponsors, these students and their families will stay dry in the next rainstorm!  Building homes for our students and their families in Te Wouj that were destroyed in the Hurricane not only provides them with adequate shelter, it also gives us the opportunity to build stronger relationships with them and share with them how God cares for them, His children.

January in Jeremie

Christmas Box Delivery

Thank you to Moses Lake Presbyterian for the Christmas shoebox gifts!  We have had the privilege to give the gifts to all of our churches, police department, Chambellan orphanage, Te Wouj School and many other places.  They have been a huge blessing to so many kids in our area, especially since the Hurricane has destroyed so much in these kids' lives over the past months.  These simple gifts sure brought a smile to many faces over the past month, including ours!

Thank You!

Thank you to all who have supported, prayed and served with us in 2016.  It has been a year that has been full of surprises, and Hurricane Matthew has been a big part of that, but with your help and God's blessing, we are growing and learning and rebuilding.
Please continue to pray for our missionaries and staff going into 2017.  The Germeils are going into their sabbatical time over the next few weeks, and they will be away from phones and contacts, taking time to recharge, rest and spend extra time together.  We appreciate your prayers for their month of rest and revitalization.  
The Stockelands are currently in the States as well to visit family, speak at several churches and fundraise.  The Stones are headed back to Haiti in the next week, as more relief groups are beginning to come.  We appreciate your prayers for each of our missionaries as they team up to serve!

Christmas is coming!

Welcoming Additional Relief Teams

We have been happy to welcome several more relief teams over the past few weeks, one through Mission of Hope focusing on constructing roofs for the town of Bonbon, and two other groups helping to finish our group gallery and eating area, as well as continue to cover roofs from the town of Jeremie to Te Wouj and beyond!  We are blessed to be able to house these groups, and finish getting our facility ready for even more in the future.  We love seeing groups that come to serve both the community and our staff.

Te Wouj School Reopening

Our elementary school at Te Wouj has recently reopened!  Our teachers and students are happy to be reunited, even if it's in a temporary tarp structure at this time as we prepare to rebuild the new school in the near future.  Our recent group from Grace Bible Church in Florida was able to use the opportunity of the students in one place to help hand out the Christmas shoe boxes donated by Moses Lake Church in Washington.  It is sweet to see churches gathering together to give and help, and it was a bright spot in the dark times these students have recently experienced.  Thank you to Moses Lake and all who contributed.
At the same time, the student home rebuilding project has continued, with many of the houses that were totally destroyed now reframed, and homes that were without roofs are being covered.  We are excited to continue this project to see every student back in adequate housing in the near future.

Bonbon Bound: November 28, 2016

As the rain continues to hinder our relief efforts, we are able to use that as an opportunity to meet new people in the surrounding communities.  Some of these great people have helped us patch roads towards Bonbon, while others have assisted us closer to home. 
Our leaders have also met with the mayor of the town of Bonbon in order to better help provide relief and rebuilding in this area.  We are excited to see how God uses these relationships in the future!

Te Wouj Community

As the home rebuilding effort continues, we are also looking to reopen Te Wouj School in the near future!  Much preparation has to be made, including a temporary structure in which to hold class.  We are thankful to our friends at USAID who have braved the high river to assist in building the temporary structure.  Please pray that the level and force of the river would fall so that our teachers and students can safely cross to get to school each day. 
In addition to a temporary structure next to the old school building, we are beginning to rebuild our school building!  We are excited about these plans for a new school and we pray for this new building to equip and empower our elementary students even better than before.