A Month of Blessings

March 2016

2016 at Haiti Bible Mission is promising to continue to be an exciting and fulfilling season in Jeremie, Haiti.  We are blessed to say that every student in our school at Te Wouj has been sponsored!  If you are still interested, we encourage you to get involved!  Here are some things that you can do to stay involved with our staff and our school in Te Wouj:

  • Sponsor an Emerging Leader.  Though the cost of sponsoring an emerging leader may be higher than that of a student, it pays for the leaders' salaries among many other things.  These are men and women that are already seeking to lead and serve in their communities.
  • Sign up for our Sponsorship Newsletter by clicking the link to see our latest newsletter and then click subscribe at the top, left.  This will give you periodic updates of the school in Te Wouj and what our students are doing.
  • Get on our waiting list.  If you would still like to sponsor a student, please sign up for our waiting list for the next available student by emailing our sponsorship coordinator, Hannah Rosario (

We loved having a sweet group of people come from Texas and Florida combined this month!  They served in many ways, from playing games with our school kids to building a roof on the house of one of our employees' families!  We miss them already!

Another special thanks to all who donated to help supply Haiti Bible Mission with a second truck!  This is a huge answer to prayer (both for us and our large groups), as it better equips us to transport group members and project supplies that are essential to our ministry.