One Powerful God

We are excited to announce that, through our partnership with Mission of Hope:  Haiti, we were able to complete roofing 175 homes in Bonbon!  Many lives have been helped physically by the shelter a roof provides since the Hurricane destroyed so much, but even more importantly, the Gospel has been shared and people have been cared for spiritually in this community as a result.  This is cause for celebrating our powerful God!  Our partnership with Mission of Hope continues as we join forces to put roofs on even more homes in the heart of Jeremie.  We are excited to see what God has in store as we continue to build relationships both in Jeremie and in Bonbon.

Te Wouj Community

School continues in Te Wouj, and the students are excited to receive the first letters from their sponsors since the Hurricane!  It means a lot to students to know there is someone cheering them on from so far away!  The school building construction continues and is nearly ready for a roof.  It will be a huge blessing to our teachers to get out from under tarps back into a real classroom again.  Please pray that the construction continues to its completion quickly, and within budget.
Our students also received new shoes recently!  Thank you to all who helped to get these kids into some stable footwear!

The homes pictured below have housed two families at the Point in Jeremie for some time, and have been identified by our church community as some of the people being in the biggest need in the area.  God connected us with the ability to help give these families a new start by means of a new home!  We are so thankful to have this opportunity to bless these families and encourage the community.