Grace Bible Church: Making an impact in Haiti

A team from Grace Bible Church in Sebring, FL returned to Jeremie, Haiti to do a project in the remote village of Te' Wouj. Grace Bible has made many trips to Haiti before, but never to do a project so remote as this. After a 45 min drive, we arrived at the fast-flowing, waist-deep river—as close as we can get by vehicle and still another 30 minutes from our destination.  The team then had to haul all of the material and tools, including two generators, by hand through the river and up a mountain to the project site. The project was a new tin roof for a family of 8 whose current roof made of straw would leak so bad when it rained, they had to stand in the corners with banana leaves over their heads to stay dry. The family was in tears as we prayed for them after the project was complete, they could not believe that a group would leave the comfort of the states to care for a family they don’t know and build them a new roof. Grace Bible has been a part of several building projects over the last 3 years and people in and around Jeremie, Haiti are excited to have great relationships with all these people.