Mourning a Deep Loss

As you know over the past many months we've been asking you to join us in praying for our beloved student, Dieujuste Lapais, as he battled Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. It is with deep sadness and pain that we inform you that Dieujuste passed away yesterday morning. Although the chemo was working at first, he took a turn for the worse and the chemo treatment proved to be no longer effective. He passed away in the hospital in Port Au Prince where they were working hard to make him as comfortable as possible during his last days on earth. This has been the most difficult year we've had to face as a sponsorship program. Between the loss of our dear teacher, Dieulicide and now the loss of sweet Dieujuste, we are devastated. We are only able to continue pushing forward knowing and truly believing that Jesus took Dieujuste home to be with him. We know now he is not hurting or sick, but running and leaping in the presence of his Savior! We are confident that Dieujuste understood the deep love Jesus had for him and we know he asked Him into his heart during his difficult battle with cancer. Right before he passed, he left a message for his family, who were so dear to him. He told them "Take courage, because I see Jesus with a white dress waiting for me!" We are blown away by the faith of this precious nine year old.

Loss like this cannot be understood, but as believers in God's perfect plan and His design for everlasting life, we are able to see purpose and meaning amidst the tragedy. We have already seen so many beautiful things come from this precious little boy's life. Dieujuste's uncle, who his father had been witnessing to for years, came to know and love Jesus because of Diejuste's journey and experience with cancer. So many people from many different cities, states, and countries came together and prayed day after day for a miracle and because of that saw their faith deepen and increase. Because of his life, others now know Jesus and are able to continue spreading His word and love. We know God doesn't always answer our prayers and pleas the way we expect or so badly desire, but He answers them the way He knows is best.

We want to thank you for your prayers and constant support. The family also wants to extend their deep gratitude for all the funds that came in during this process and for all the thoughts and kind words extended to them. We ask that you continue to keep the Lapais family in your prayers and hearts, as the days will continue to be hard and devastating for them. Please pray they are able to hold a funeral for him to honor his life and celebrate all God has done through him.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers,

-Hannah Rosario
Sponsorship Coordinator
Haiti Bible Mission

Wrapping up Summer 2019

We want to thank all the teams that came in the past few months and worked so hard to help change communities in Jeremie. With the help of teams we were able to roof homes of people in need, we put on medical clinics for the ill, we were able to join with Haiti’s Hero’s to help clean the hospital, and much more! Thank you so much to those who have served alongside our Haitian leaders. 

We saw God do so much in the lives of people in multiple communities through our leaders. A few of our leaders have grown immensely and have started to disciple other leaders. One of our leaders was able to take in a newer believer and spend the past two months mentoring him, teaching him new trades/skills, and just doing life together. This is a wonderful picture of what Jesus called each of our lives to look like - people who empower others through life on life! The best part of this story is watching the spiritual change in this new believer. He is more on fire for the Lord and ready to go out and change his own community in Jeremie. “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” Matthew 9:37-38

We want to give a huge shout out to New Song Church as they have helped fund the new generator at HBM. New Song Church has said that they will match any donation up to $5,000! This is a huge blessing and we are beyond grateful for everyone that has joined in helping us with the new generator. Please join us in thanking God for those who have partnered with New Song and HBM. We ask that you would continue to pray for God to lay it on people’s hearts to help with the remaining $3,000 left to cover the cost of the new generator! We cannot wait to see who God uses to cover the remaining amount - maybe it’s you! May this generator serve teams, the missionaries, and everyone who enters HBM for years to come! 

Haiti continues to experience governmental corruption; however, we are believing that God will bring peace to this country. The cost of living is still high and many continue to suffer. At HBM we are doing our best to alleviate the suffering and serve the communities around us. We continue to partner with different zones to know the best way we can serve Jeremie during this time. 

We have some exciting news coming soon as we have partnered with Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) to really transform the zone, Te Wouj. Stay tuned as we continue to give details on how we are going to do this and how you can partner in prayer through this project. 

What can you do to help?

  • Join us in praising God for all he is doing in Jeremie, Haiti as we continue to see more people come to Christ through the local church. The HBM churches put on two night services last week and 14 people came to know Christ! We want to praise God for this and celebrate with the Lord. Pray that the HBM pastors and the church community would continue to love on people as Christ loves us.
  • Pray that God would continue to raise up leaders to transform their communities! May these leaders join God as he draws more and more people to Himself.
  • Pray that God would continue to provide for HBM financially through his people and that God would abundantly bless those who are already giving to HBM as we seek to advance the Kingdom together. “Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that increases to your credit.” Philippians 4:17
  • Donate. You can donate to HBM by clicking here choosing the donate button. Some companies do matching program for donations as well, click here to see if your company may have a program in place.
  • Consider sponsoring an Emerging Leader. They are the future of Haiti!

And my God will supply every need of yours according to the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus.
— Philippians 4:19

July 2019 Update


   As many of you know, there has been civil unrest in Haiti. The prices of food continue to increase, and many are going hungry due to food prices beyond what families can afford. Here at HBM we are doing our very best to provide for the need. We are continuing to partner with Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) which allows us to provide Manna Packs (food distribution) for many in the Jeremie area. As we strive to meet the physical needs of people, we are continuing to let God use us to meet the Spiritual need, as well. Please continue to pray for the unrest in Haiti. Pray for the people of Jeremie as they suffer that God would comfort them. Pray that God would reveal himself to those who don’t know Him. 
   Recently, Haiti has switched from a level 4 travel warning to a level 3! This is so exciting for HBM, but also the country of Haiti. A lot of organizations and humanitarian aid pulled out due to the level 4; however, due to the level 3 we are hopeful that many will return. Though tensions are still uneasy at times, we are praying for God to give peace to a restless country. Only God has the power to bring peace to this broken world.


The Emerging Leaders
   The past few months have been months of growth for HBM. God has been growing so many of the Haitian staff spiritually! He’s been doing this by reminding all of us at HBM that everything needs to be centered around Him. This has always been the goal at HBM but is serving as a wonderful reminder. The past month we have taken the time to go back to the “basics.” We have had teams come spend time with our pastors teaching them, teams have come and lead discipleship seminars, and we have had mini conferences encouraging and challenging our staff spiritually. This past week our staff took a break from work in order to spend time with God, in the word, and in prayer together. It was a fruitful week and one with a lasting impact. Please continue to pray that God would grow us spiritually and for all the staff to draw near to God. 

   The biggest update and praise is that over the past few months, 39 people have come to Christ! That is 39 people who are now going to spend eternity in heaven, but also help change the spiritual landscape of Haiti! We are now at the process of making sure that each of them are being discipled and poured into. Thanks be to God! These 39 people have come to know God in so many different ways, but we want to thank all the teams that have faithfully come to serve the past few months because you helped give local pastors and believers the platform to share the gospel. We also want to thank those Haitians who have taken the gospel into Jeremie and speak in boldness. Praise God that the Haitians are leading the change here in Jeremie! Most of all we want to praise our heavenly Father because he has been working in Haiti since the beginning. We are thankful to be able to join God in all he is doing and are thankful that you help make that possible with your generous giving. Thank you for partnering with us to bring lasting change to Jeremie in Jesus’ name. 

An Important Message from our CEO

I wanted to update our HBM family with some things that have happened and some challenges we are facing this month. Two weeks ago our compound got struck by lightning and burned up our inverter and charge controller. We had to get one asap and it's being shipped over this week. Since the inverter burned up, we have had to run the generator 24/7 for power. The generator was on it's last leg before this happened and now our generator has kicked the bucket as well. We have purchased a much bigger one that will help us operate more efficiently moving forward. We were able to get the generator on credit as we don't have the funds yet to purchase it. The owner gave us 2 weeks which we are very thankful for the grace to allow us to get power back up and running at HBM.

Many of you may have seen on social media a few weeks ago, the kids who were sent by Medevac to Port Au Prince to have surgery. The operations were successful and we are so thankful for God allowing us to be His hands and feet to His children! We always say yes to helping save kids lives, no matter the cost. But there is a cost to flying them to Port for surgery.

God is doing great things in Haiti and we are so excited for what he has in store. We also know that life is full of challenges that make us realize we need God and others to help us accomplish his plan. We would love to have you come along side us in prayer and support to help us with these needs.
Thank you all for helping us Live The Difference!

Generator - $12,500
Inverter / charge controller - $2,400
MAF Medical Evacuation Flight for kids - $760

Happy New Year

As we embark on our TENTH year of serving the people of Jeremie, Haiti, we want to take a moment to thank all who have been a part of this journey. We look back with thankful hearts and look forward to all God will do in the future of Haiti Bible Mission.