Mark, Lacey, Barak, Amrey & Mikayah Stockeland

Mark Stockeland


Mark coordinates operations between Haiti and the United States. The son of Haiti Bible Mission founder Dave Stockeland, Mark has spent half his life helping the people of Haiti. Mark has a heart to see Christ change the lives of next generation leaders, and to empower those leaders to win this country for Him.

 Steve & Tamela Wyatt

Steve & Tamela Wyatt

Steve Wyatt

Chief Operating Officer

Steve joined HBM in 2018 as Chief Operating Officer. Steve worked in upper administration for a large academic non-profit for over 26 years. Steve and his wife Tamela have a heart for missions and are passionate about the development of the next generation of Haitian leaders.


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Marc Donald, Krista, Lucianne & Max Germeil

Marc Donald & Krista Germeil

Director of Staff & Operations

Marc Donald came to work with HBM in September of 2013 as the Discipleship Director and head of the Hospital Ministry.  Marc Donald now oversees all operations and staff in Haiti.  He has a heart to see great leaders raised up in his country that will create change spiritually and economically. Krista joined HBM in 2014 and is part of the Mobilization Team.

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 Renous, Gigi & Samuel Severe

Renous, Gigi & Samuel Severe

Renous Severe

Assistant Director of Operations

Renous has been with HBM since 2009. He was one of the very first HBM staff members. Renous wants to attend leadership/high level management training school next year to refine and expand his leadership skills. He also serves as the Choir Director at HBM’s church plant, Legliz Diferans: La Point.

Robergue, Marie, Jourdemie, Marc Evans, Adeley Charles and Anderson Jean

Pastor Robergue Chèry

Head of Pastors (Lead Pastor)& Pastor of Legliz Diferans HBM Haiti

Pastor Robergue has worked as a Pastor for HBM for 6 years. He is passionate to see the churches in Haiti stand out as lights in a dark world and for the truth of the Gospel to be found in the body of Christ. 
He is pictured with his wife, Marie Denose Chèry, his two children, Jourdemie and Marc Evans and his two adopted children, Adeley Charles and Anderson Jean.  


 Carl Eric & Julia Jeune

Carl Eric & Julia Jeune

Carl Eric Jeune

Director of Projects
Team Coordinator

Carl Eric has worked for HBM since 2009. He and his wife Julia work together at HBM and are in training to lead all incoming HBM teams. Carl Eric is also a Zone Leader in Platon. Cal built his family home last year and started a large scale construction business. He has a dream to sow some of the profits from this business into his community and fund long term community improvement projects. 

 Hannah Rosario & Family

Hannah Rosario & Family

Hannah Rosario

Sponsorship Coordinator

Hannah has been serving as HBM Sponsorship coordinator since 2011. Hannah is an elementary school teacher in the states, and has a passion for strong education in Haitian schools. Hannah oversees our Emerging Leader program, as well as our expanding Child Sponsorship programs.

Carrie Fausey & Family

Carrie Fausey

Director of Marketing                                                 

Carrie has been working with Haiti Bible Mission since February 2015.  From childhood, she always knew she wanted to be involved in missions. God gave her a heart for the lost and she is honored to be working with HBM.
Carrie served as travel coordinator and assistant to the CEO until 2018 when she took over the marketing side of HBM.

Krystle Dulin & Family

Krystle Dulin

Administrative Assistant
Krystle joined the Haiti Bible Mission family in 2014 serving as our bookkeeper at the NBRI office in Houston, Texas. She added the role of administrative assistant in 2018, and now stays busy "Living the Difference" by coordinating short-term mission trips, analyzing financials, and assisting Executive Director Mark Stockeland in stateside operations and logistics.