Medical Mission: Touching Lives and Healing Hearts

Haiti Bible Mission hosted two medical teams this fall. In Haiti, access to quality medical care is lacking and the cost is often unattainable by struggling families. These teams were huge blessings by providing free medical care to so many people who might otherwise go without the treatment they needed. The teams brought valuable knowledge, skills and resources and were able to see hundreds of patients each day they were here.

The teams worked alongside our HBM staff and emerging leaders to greatly impact the community. During their time in Jeremie, the teams held a mobile clinic in a different zone each day. One day they set up clinic in the HBM church downtown, the next day they set up in a local school.

We were able to take the teams to a rural area called Te Wouj to assess and treat the students and families in the Te Wouj program. Visiting Te Wouj allows the teams to see the lack of access rural areas have to medical care and the huge need that is there. Our HBM staff was also blessed because the teams did wellness check-ups on each staff member and held a first aid training day to teach basic knowledge such as CPR, wound care and signs of emergency medical problems.

The mobile medical clinics met physical needs and allowed every person who came an opportunity to hear the gospel. Each patient was prayed for before leaving the clinic. We are so grateful for mission teams who bring their expertise to Haiti to serve our community.

If you are interested in coming to Haiti on a mission trip, email

HBM Spring 2018 Update


Hello from Jeremie, Haiti!

  It was a fun and adventurous April and May here at Haiti Bible Mission. 
   Moses Lake Presbyterian Church spent a week with us at the beginning of April. They hiked daily to built the roof on our church plant in the countryside of Kolimon. The ladies stayed back a few days and helped organize things at the compound and prepare some lessons for our Te Wouj school children. They also spent time playing with and loving on the missionary kids on our compound. We appreciate them and look forward to their return!
   We had an extreme hiking team at the end of April that took the challenge head on and embarked on an 8 hour hike to a town called Fon Kochon, that sees very few people outside of themselves. Parts of the hike were so difficult that team mates had to crawl on their hands and knees to get up the mountainside! When they arrived, the team distributed much needed food and tarps and also covered a roof from a home that had lost its roof over a year ago during hurricane Matthew. They shared the gospel with the people and lived life with them for 2 days. We always appreciate this team and the sacrifices they make to love on the people in this very special community. 
   May has been a month to concentrate on our staff training and development! We have had such a blast celebrating and spending time pouring into our incredible leaders. The entire HBM staff is taking English classes twice a week and have been sharpening their skills so they can speak and interact more with our teams! We have spent time showing our staff how to do different tasks around the compound with excellence. The staff have also been involved in food distributions all over the city. During the second week of June, as a whole staff, we will spend concentrated time studying the book of Nehemiah together and talking about how we as individuals can contribute to and ensure the success of the entire team- also setting goals and standards as an HBM Family! 
   We have also made a significant change on the HBM compound’s basketball court. We repainted the court and backboards and had a local artist come in to paint the Haitian flag in the center. It is gorgeous! We can’t wait to see each of you, come spend time with us again soon!