November 2012 Newsletter

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Dear family and friends,

We are so excited to to head back to Haiti today and start serving along side our Haitian brothers and sisters. We miss them so much but I know this break has been good for them and for us. They have done a great job leading the mission and advancing the kingdom of God and I’m so proud of them. My family has been blessed to get some down time and plug into our church, be fed and recharged spiritually. Pastor Nathan, the lead pastor of our church said last week, “show me one place in scripture that Jesus dodged the culture, and I’ll hide with you.” This just reminded me that what we are doing at HBM is working and that is to engage with the people and culture. Knowing that Jesus did not hide from sinners and difficult situations reminds me to continue to do the same. Hiding from this world is not a option for me or HBM, we want to take this world head on with the help and power of Jesus Christ! I hope this newsletter update finds you all well and encourages your hearts. Look forward to future exciting news in the upcoming weeks! God Bless!

If you had a chance to read our most recent news update, you know that Hurricane Sandy dumped a lot of wind and rain in Jeremie as well as the surrounding countryside. The country gardens were hit the hardest. A typical Haitian family’s source of food and income is provided from their gardens. This is a terrible blow. We’ve had a great response from you and will have a great start to helping them replant and supplement food as they wait for their gardens to recover. Thank you for your loving support! If you would still like to contribute to hurricane relief, please visit our website and click the ‘Donate’ button. We have placed a specific item in the drop down menu for this relief donation.

We have so many projects happening through November and December. We have a team coming to install a new solar system at the compound as well as do ministry and additional projects at the local hospital. We will then host another construction team from our own church in Hanover, PA. Their main focus will be to build a new roof for a widow that has two orphans living with her. This ambitious team is also planning on putting the roof onto the new church building in Kolimo. Just before Christmas we have a team of students from Liberty University coming to minister with orphans, the hospital, and the school in Te Wouj......just writing this is getting me excited!

I want to take some time and share with you some stories of how God is working and using people to help make a difference in Haiti and HBM. First, a family in Florida just built a new home with the specific goal of using it to bless others through their incredible hospitality. They have already blessed my family several times while we were passing through. When we saw this beautiful house, but no furniture in the living room and dining room I was a little shocked, they were so humble and said they were waiting to get some furniture when they found what they wanted. Later, I found out that the reason they did not have the furniture is because they had sent that money to HBM to buy our new solar system. I was so blown away and not just because they purchased our solar system we desperately needed, but that it cost them something to do it. What an incredible sacrifice! I can’t say anything but PRAISE THE LORD!

Another inspirational story comes from several women in Cleveland, Ohio that expressed a desire to help with the church plant in Kolimo. Then they had an idea. They started making and selling cake pops, salsa and guacamole. The Lord blessed their efforts and they raised thousands of dollars and gave it all to HBM for our church in Kolimo. Isn’t that incredible! They could’ve ignored God’s voice telling them to help, but instead got creative and God used it in a big way.

Katie Steinour, HBM’s administrative assistant, bakes homemade pretzels and muffins during the holiday season just to help where their is a need. She spends hours on end every week. Katie has been doing this for a few years now and it’s such an incredible help and blessing! “Katie for Haiti” is really catching on in the church and community, selling out every week!