This Week at HBM

As the planes carrying our most recent group flew away this morning, we began contemplating all that God has done this week.  From the initial salutations to the heartfelt sharing time last night, we have seen the Lord move and use us in great ways.  The group was largely comprised of members of Providence Church in Hannover, PA.  We had a couple of other Pennsylvanians who tagged along and they were joined by the Chairman of HBM’s Board, Mike Zurn.

Our week began as Casey and Eldet brought the group through a rudimentary Creole lesson.  With basic phrases like “Jesus loves you,” and “Can I help you?” we were able to equip our family from the States to love on the people of Haiti. We loved hearing these phrases used all over the city and the surrounding area and we know the people to whom we were ministering did as well.

The next day we were blessed to see so many group members from Mark and Lacey’s home church in America visit their home church in country. It was so sweet to see Providence in Hannover, PA come together with Providence church in Jeremie Haiti. We got to see how the Lord works through his church and how the body of Christ is so internationally powerful.  What an encouraging time.  So encouraging in fact, that the group still had time to visit some of HBM’s neighbors on foot and tarp some of their roofs.

Due to gifts of some of the group members and leading of the Lord toward construction projects, we sought out to build a roof for one of the dearest members of our church in Tè Wouj.  Her name is Sister Olia and she is so selfless and giving.  As our group worked alongside our very own Pastor and Boss Roberjeau, she brought together a veritable feast for an after work snack.  We recognized that was likely nearly all she had to give, but she so graciously and cheerfully did so, we couldn’t refuse.  We thank God so much for that first day of work.

Other notable activities include a unique opportunity to be led around by the director of our General Hospital in Jeremie and are seeing many much awaited improvements.  For those of you who have been, you know what an answer to prayer that is.  We also had a chance to minister to orphans from a local orphanage on our compound and play games to bless them.  The Lord has really used the energy and love of this group in the last few days, and we are so grateful for them.

Starting tomorrow and for the next month, the Stockeland family will be in America tending to important business on the home front.  As the rest of the employees and leaders stay in Haiti, we look forward to seeing what God has in store for HBM in America and in Haiti.  God bless you all.