Leadership Spotlight: Pastor Mark Lapais

Lead Pastor and Teacher at Te Wouj
Birthdate:  October 10, 1972

Pastor Mark is the lead Pastor of HBM's church plant in the zone of Te Wouj. He also teaches 5th and 6th grades at the school in Te Wouj.  

Pastor Mark became a Christian through interesting circumstances.  He comes from a large family, that were active in the cultic religion, Voodoo. His sister began showing interest in a boy who was a Christian and attended a local church.  Pastor Mark's older brother instructed Pastor Mark to follow his sister to the church and sit in the back, so that he could watch this strange boy with their sister. Pastor Mark was also instructed, that if he saw his sister being mis-treated in any way, the family would go and burn the church down. After visiting the church, Pastor Mark heard the Gospel message for the first time in his life, he says he had a dream that he would preach to a lot of people someday, and he accepted the Lord and decided to become a pastor. His sister married the boy who is now a Pastor as well, and his entire family has since turned their lives over to the Lord!

Pastor Mark met his wife when she came to visit a church that he was preaching at.  He saw her praying and her actions toward others, and he said to himself that was the kind of woman that he wants to marry.  Six months after they first met, they were married (March 27, 1999).  They now have six children and raise two orphans.  

Mark Stockeland’s father found Pastor Mark preaching, and began teaching him to preach and teach more effectively.  He got to know Pastor Mark, and asked him to teach in Te Wouj. When asked today what his passion is, he would say “preaching and evangelism,” without hesitation.

His favorite verse is John 3:16 because it says that Jesus died for him, and it shows how much He loves us.  It gives Pastor Mark confidence and faith that Jesus loves him so much!