This Week at HBM

We've just finished a very busy week here at HBM and we're gearing up for more of the same. This morning we headed to the airport in Jeremie to send off a combined group from Sebring, Florida and Houston, Texas. We were also there to pick up a group from Hanover, Pennsylvania. That was the quickest turnaround between groups we've ever had. 


We just said goodbye to a group that blessed our socks off and really made an impact on the children we work with in Haiti. The group from Bible Fellowship in Florida was here to focus on VBS activities at five strategic locations. They came in prayed up and prepared to engage the children at Tè Wouj on their first day of ministry and it was so successful. One child stepped forward and gave his life to Christ! Right off the bat our week was made. 

A small minority of the group came from a weekly small group of guys from Second Baptist in Houston. They felt called to serve together and make a kingdom impact on Haiti. Two of them had been here before and they brought along three other guys who were so dedicated to the important work we do here. With emphasis on painting projects to benefit our urban church in Jeremie and our school in Tè Wouj, they were an energetic force at the VBS as well. It was great seeing the two groups come together as one. 

As we sent them off, we were sad to see them go, but already we've got our nose to the grindstone as the Providence group has set their eyes on the prize. A first place prize in a community basketball tournament for which they have come. Practice is already under way and we've begun strategizing as a team about how we're going to make an impact on the hearts of those we see, on and off the courts.